blogger navbar search is driving me crazy,

and angry!!

i just don’t understand how difficult it would be for Google (ironically it is well-known for it's search engine service) to fix their blogger navbar search function. My Blogsearch has been went down for 9 months. ALMOST A YEAR. Good.
The known issues says this has been fixed on 3/28, but how come the search results of my blog are still incomplete?  The word “英國” is used very frequently here,  but turns up only 5 posts from this year. as for the word “加拿大”and “York”, you find NOTHING (except this post). There  has been NOTHING IMPROVED since last July, and those replies from Blogger Help Forum were absolutely unsatistying and it seems like google doesn’t care about the search issue anymore.

I can’t believe a company like Google unable to fix a search engine problem like this. Feel very dissapointed with Google.

2010/06/14 update: it’s been fixed.